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Authentic Batangas Coffee

Enjoy these blended beverage to soothe the cravings you have for the day! Various frappe flavors from your classic favorites then topped with cream and drizzled with generous amount of syrup, you are surely to bask in the goodness of our creation!

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About Us

Barako Frappe was established as a cart setup in 2014 by Javanillax Business Ventures, Co. The company envisioned Barako Frappe to be known as a humble product with worldwide excellence by innovating the coffee shop concept into kiosk style for the consumers’ accessibility and convenience.

For years in the business, Barako Frappe has established a name for its quality ice blended coffee, ice blended creams and hot drinks with the Barako Coffee as its main product. Along with quality, Barako Frappe proudly offers not only excellent tasting coffee products, but delicious blends that are within the means of the market. Barako Frappe has gained the trust and earned loyalty not only by the customers, fellow entrepreneurs and businessmen by establishing more than one hundred fifty (150) branches and still growing, through the franchise system of the company.


To provide quality yet affordable business, creating opportunities for financial and entrepreneurial gateway.


To be an internationally recognized company providing competitive business concepts promoting country's world-class products with integrity & excellence.

What is Barako Coffee?

Barako coffee is a rare and exotic coffee variety grown in the Philippines, particularly in the province of Batangas.

"Barako" has become a generic name for all coffee in the country and is known for its strong taste and distinctly irresistible aroma.

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